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Tech Companies Bring Jobs to the Valley

Apple is seeking to conduct a "high-tech manufacturing" facility locally in Mesa, Arizona. This facility will assemble finished products for domestic distribution and take over GT Advanced's former sapphire plant to produce hardware. At 1.3 million square feet, the facility is large enough to serve as both a data center and manufacturing plant.

"For the first time, it's not about cost. It's about quality and being the best company. It's about speed and innovation." According to Oliver Muhr, CEO of Seerene, an analytics company. Muhr says this trend is going to continue across industries, bringing more economic prosperity to the valley. Big U.S. companies are now insourcing their work to create more local jobs and better serve customers.

Mesa first announced the facility in 2013, when there were expected to be 2,000 jobs created. In 2015 Apple announced it would invest $2 billion to expand "a command center for the company's global networks." There are currently job postings to work at this new facility dubbed "data center site services technicians" in Mesa.

Apple joins the likes of Tesla competitor, Lucid Motors, which recently announced plans for an assembly plant in Casa Grande, south of Mesa and Chandler. Lucid Motors plans on adding an additional 2 million jobs to the area over the next five years with groundbreaking taking place in quarter 2 of 2017.

Governor Doug Ducey is quoted by saying “We’ve demonstrated that Arizona is among the most competitive states in the nation to work and do business — we’re talking technology companies, we’re in Silicon Valley. We’re talking with organizations considering Arizona over other states,"

With the real estate market set to accelerate this year, those relocating to the valley should purchase real estate soon, as prices are set to rise by the end of the year.

Read more about Lucid Motors and Casa Grande here.

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