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Giving Back

When Michael Johnson founded Givepad he wanted to find way to use his experience in the luxury real estate market to improve our local community. According to the New York Times, giving back is a social responsibility. Companies are only as strong as the people who support them. When a person invests in home they're investing the community and neighborhood too. Their life, work, and activities revolve around this specific geographic location. Arizona is a wonderful place to live, filled with natural beauty. A key piece of Michael's mission in creating Givepad is to illuminate the caring kindness and generosity of Arizona residents .

Givepad is helping to improve the overall responsibility involved in building a stronger community by integrating philanthropy into their everyday business practices. With every home sale the team at Givepad donates a portion of their earnings back to charity. From hospitals to veteran affairs and animal rights, Givepad is striving to make Arizona a better place to live. Michael and his team can be found volunteering after hours and on weekends: reaching out and offering a helping hand to those in need.

Givepad is a philanthropic real estate company utilizing the tools and technology available to every real estate brand, while improving the community along the way. For home buyers and sellers Givepad is a positive way to help build a stronger community, most importantly it won’t cost them anything extra when contributing from a transaction they’re going to make anyway!

Givepad partners with nonprofits like Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation, which over the course of five years will provide care to 1 in every 4 Arizona children. People may not know the expense involved and daily commitment to run a hospital as large as Phoenix Children's Hospital. With an operating cost of over $1.7 million per day, bringing the community together to help fund a treasure such as PCH is an honor for Michael Johnson, Givepad and all of its volunteers and associates.

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