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Team Member Bio: Maria Bran

Name: Maria Bran Hometown: Guatemala City, Guatemala


Maria Bran is a Guatemalan native, who called New Mexico home before relocating to Scottsdale, AZ. She is a certified Retirement Specialist who traded in her corporate job to pursue an entrepreneurial route. Previously, Maria studied Business and Administration at Central New Mexico Community College, where she then ached to learn more from real world experience.

After taking the leap, she dedicated her time to learning from Mentors and connecting with her community. Through her pursuit of being a part of a nonprofit organization, she was introduced to Michael Johnson with Givepad. Michael Johnson's vision for Givepad instantly aligned with her deep-rooted passion for the Latino Culture and Philanthropist way of living. Maria is excited to take on a sponsorship role with Givepad, and bring a fresh and new perspective to our team.

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