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Canadian home buyers looking for real estate opportunities in Arizona.

Givepad is a charitable real estate brand that gives back with every home sale. We support local and national charities that make a difference.

For example:

When buying a new home in Scottsdale, you can help support World Vision.

Givepad's philanthropy knows no boundaries. We work to make the community a better place, whether that community is in the Sonoran Desert or Lake Ontario.

Now when you buy a new vacation home in Arizona, you're also helping support a great cause at no additional cost to you in the real estate transaction.

The top reasons Canadian's love Arizona are:

It's close to Mexico.

  • Trade for Canadian businesses can double, if not triple, by offering a location in the United States, which has trade agreements with Mexico.

  • It's more economical than California, while being close to the lucrative Los Angeles market, but free from the expensive California taxes and regulations.

  • Phoenix is a growing metropolis with opportunities for international brands to expand. So much so that over 200 Canadian companies now have offices in the Arizona. Those Canadian companies account for more than 22,300 jobs in the state.

  • The weather is beautiful. Canadians can escape the snow and harsh winters, where in Arizona, Boxing Day can be spent grilling outside with family under a beautiful sunny sky, instead of huddled around a fireplace.

  • It's only a short flight away from the comforts of home. There are more than 130 non-stop flights a week from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to every major Canadian city, except Montreal.

  • Retirement in Arizona is a breeze because it's one of the most tax friendly states.


70% of Arizonans come from someplace else. Come join us in the Valley of the Sun and let's talk about your new luxury real estate investment!

Givepad has combined experience of over 15 years of selling luxury real estate in the valley of the sun and we work with Canadian buyers consistently, We know what home buyers from Canada are looking for and our experience helps make the home buying process stress free and easy.

Contact Us:

We have two locations for your convenience; one in North Scottsdale and one in Paradise Valley Arizona.

1.) North Scottsdale Office

Phone: (480) 229-0123

Address: 18281 N Pima Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85255

2.) Paradise Valley Office

Phone: (480) 229-0123

Address: 7135 E Camelback Rd., Suite 180

Scottsdale, AZ 85252

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